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Pit Boss Grill Review – The Perfect Option for Beginners?

Reviews of the Pit Boss 700FB & 820FB Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill Our Rating:   Digital Control of Burn   Natural Wood Pellets   Cooking Surface 700 sq/inch Price $$$ This particular pellet grill was featured on our list of the best options, which inspired...

The Grill vs the Griddle: Which is Best?

When talking about outdoor cooking, grills and griddles are usually used interchangeably. Both are cooking surfaces used for fast and hot cooking. A griddle is typically a large flat surface with the heat source directly underneath it. Usually, griddles are made of...

How to Make Pizza on a Kamado Grill

It can be seriously frustrating trying to find a well-made pizza. The struggle could lead you to hop on a plane and straight to Italy. After all, where else are you assured of finding the perfect pizza? You know what could help? You could make your very own...

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